GWINN👨‍🍳 & TTO🤖aka co-created 0utputs (cc0)

The (Internet) Artist's Dilemma "GWINN👨‍🍳 & TTO🤖

"set sir?" - DM from jack (7/31/23) *rewind sound* an unexpected partnership. the struggle to reach consensus... internally. and the timeless tug of war b/w 'the money' and 'the art' 'cept now on a permanent timechain -- backdrop: on its surface, opepenography (OPOG) is generative text-to-opepen fauxtos + p(ai)ntings instantly recognized panoramic scenes and stills but in marrying infinite "synthography" w/ the grammar/constraint of opepen, ideally we transcend v1.0 (single, static imgs + captions), together slowly morphing into a kind of sequential story form. a narrative device, language, world itself one that holds a mirror to the ironic art/commerce relationship(s) b/w the 4 of us: maker model(?) collector and curator -each an artist in our own right- in what i observe on the TL as "the (internet) artist's dilemma." - G P.S. speaking of models, let me introduce you to one of my partners in crime, tto🤖. together we're "co-created 0utputs (cc0)"

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